Birding Galapagos Islands

Birding Galapagos Islands
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guacamayo Ridge - Cordillera Guacamayo Birding

This trail begins at the highest point in the highway that goes from Baeza to Tena past the town of Cosanga at the Mirador La Virgen.  The trail begins at 2800 meters and goes down to 1900 meters where it joins a trail made by the oil pipe that leads to the next pumping station at Sarayacu; it is possible to reach this pumping station by following the oil pipe.  This is part of the Antisana Reserve and forms a biological corridor to the Sumaco National Park.  It is a great place for birding but the trail is slippery with an uneven floor.  This is a very good place to see the following birds:

      The Black-billed Mountain Toucan

                 The Highland Motmot

              The Green-and-black Fuiteater

           The Yellow-rumped Cacique

This makes for a great stop before dropping down to the eastern lowlands.

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