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Birding Galapagos Islands
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ecuador East and West Slopes Birding Tour Yanacocha

On our most recent birding tour we had four days to cover the eastern and western slopes of northern Ecuador.  This was an overwhelming birding experience with little rest and lots of birding adrenaline that made a long list of birds and a long-lasting memory.  Here is a memorable picture at Papallacta Pass.

Our two visitors: Mike Bergin from and David Ringer  where tireless and had such keen eyes that we racked up a list of 200 species in just four mad days.

Our starting line began at Yanacocha Reserve at 3200 meters above sea level, on the western slopes of the Andes just north-west of Quito.  The amazing collection of birds at this reserve pumped their adrenaline to a level that the lack of oxygen and cold temperatures did not seem to affect Mike´s or Dave´s physical stamina.

The highest level of adrenaline was reached when we surprised the Ocelleated Tapaculo out on the open!
Look at those amazing claws! 

The Sword-billed humming bird was the next star that heated up our cold feet!
The flashy Saphire-vented Puffleg warmed our heart!

The angelical wings of the Great Sapphirewing lifted our spirit!

The hidden colors of the Buff-winged Starfrontlet blinded us with joy.

Yanacocha pumped us full of adrenaline, warmed up our cold feet, warmed up our heart, lifted our spirit, and blinded us with joy; putting us one step closer to heaven at 3700 meters from sea level near the top of the Andes.

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